The March

Call to Action

In the wake of the recent unjust murders of Dontre Hamilton, Corey Stingley, Derek Williams, Brandon Johnson, Larry Jenkins, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice and so many more at the hands of police officers and racist vigilantes, people in cities across the nation have risen up to demand Justice in their communities. For every individual killed, there is a mother who has suffered a loss greater than any one person should have to bear. We, the mothers of this movement, are calling on all concerned community members to join us in our fight. Together we unite to stand against police brutality and racial injustice and to demonstrate our love and determination to protect our children and our country.

On May 9th, 2015, Mother's Day Weekend, the Mothers for Justice United will march on the US Department of Justice in our nation's capitol, Washington, DC. Will you stand with us?

Click here to see our growing list of victims whose families will be attending the march.

The March Details

The March Route:
Event Schedule: march-weekend-agenda.html
Event Flyer:

Victims' Mothers and Families

If you know of any families in your own community who have lost loved ones to police brutality and racist violence and you think they may be interested in joining us on Mother's Day, please let us know.
Donate to Family Travel Fund:
Family of Victims Survey:

Housing and Transportation

Blocks of hotel rooms have been made available for attendees of the Million Moms March. When booking a hotel, be sure to mention that you are with Mothers for Justice United and the Million Moms March. 
List of hotel blocks:
List of hotels mapped around DC:

Supporters and Volunteers

We welcome all who support the fight to end police brutality and racist violence, and those who want to stand in solidarity with mothers and families who have lost a child at the hands of another. To register for the March, see below.

Sign up to volunteer: 
Fill out the housing and transportation survey: 
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View list of supporters: our-million-moms-march-partners.html

Register for the March

Million Moms March: Registration Only (Free)
Register if you plan to attend the Million Moms March.
Eventbrite - Million Moms March - Free Registration
Million Moms March: Free Registration + TShirt ($15) 
Register if you plan to attend the Million Moms Marcy and want to purchase a TShirt. TShirts can be picked up at the event site.

Eventbrite - Million Moms March - Free Registration + T-Shirt